Organize the Workshop Space

Plan to set up the room at least a day in advance of the workshop.

Designate areas for each station — initial triage, inspection, and rehousing/cataloging. While the exact layout of the room can vary, keep in mind:

Since materials will move from Triage to Inspection to Rehousing/Cataloging, the stations should be organized in this order.
Stations will not work at the same pace. There should be extra table space at each station to pile up materials waiting to be triaged/ inspected/ cataloged.
There should also be an area to pile completed materials.
There should be enough space for trainers and volunteers to work together in pairs.
Library carts are great for moving materials from one station to another.
It may be helpful to put up posters with guidelines near the stations for volunteers’ easy reference.
If catalogers are using laptops, they may need access to power outlets.

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