Sample Document: Equipment Loan Agreement

Equipment AgreementCommunity Archiving Workshop – [City]

[Workshop Date]


Dear [Generous Organization/Institution Loaning Equipment],


Thank you for providing equipment for the Community Archiving Workshop (CAW). All of us in the CAW Committee are very grateful for your generosity.  This is an agreement that will insure that we will safely handle and secure your equipment while it is in our possession.  The following are our guarantees to you:

  • The equipment will be checked out on or before  [Date of Equipment Pickup]
  • The equipment will be returned on or before [Date of Equipment Return}
  • The equipment will only be used for the Community Archiving Workshop at [Workshop Location, Address] on [Workshop Date].
  • [CAW Representative] will check out, inventory, and sign off on every piece of equipment borrowed from your organization.
  • [CAW Representative] will be responsible for every piece of equipment while it is on loan.
  • [CAW Representative] will transport the equipment to the workshop.
  • [CAW Representative] will fill out the list of Equipment borrowed from your organization, including any identifying features of each piece of equipment. (SEE attached Equipment Borrowed Inventory)


Any other stipulations provided by organization at time of check out.

Community Archiving Workshop Contact
[CAW Representative Name and Phone Number to be reached during workshop]
Organization Contact
[Organization Contact Name and Phone Number to be reached during workshop]
I agree to the description and guarantees detailed in this agreement.



Organization Representative: _______________________ ______________________
Signature Date
CAW Representative: _______________________ ______________________
Signature Date


Equipment Borrowed Inventory

Item Identifying Features