Webinar 1: The Basics of Identifying and Assessing Analog Media w/ Kelli Hix

In this webinar, you will learn to identify some of the most common audiovisual analog formats. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of the history of major formats, signs of decay, and how to properly store materials. There will be a special focus on film identification and care- participants will practice using their light box and loupe to identify film components, as well as practice splicing and adding leader to film.



Spanish and other translations of presentations are available in the CAW Handbook Resources.


The Mellon Guide to Film Preservation is a great resource for film conservation and inspection techniques. It elaborates on much of what we practiced in Webinar 1.

The Kodak edge code guide can help you identify when a filmstock was manufactured.

Film Forever a film preservation guide, can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed.