Community AV Archiving Fair (AV Fair)

The Community AV Archiving Fair (AV Fair) is an extension to the traditional Community Archiving Workshop, more suitable for a wider and larger public audience. It provides a space for local independent media makers, collecting institutions, and community groups to bring their challenges, media objects, and data for a day of collaborative problem solving and skill-sharing with members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and/or local audiovisual archivist in the community. The AV Fair is organized around a number of stations, each staffed by audiovisual archivists. They focus on a particular workflow, technique, or tool. For previous AV Fairs stations have included Feature Collection, Film Inspection, Analog Inventory Techniques, Digitization, Prioritizing & Preparing Media for Digitization, Video Digitization, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, and Digital Preservation (see list of stations below). The Feature Collection station focuses on a specific media collection from the community. The following are locations where an AV Fair has been organized:

2017 New Orleans (AV Fair)

November 29, 2017, Community AV Archiving Fair in cooperation with NOVAC, Old Mint, 400 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA The annual meeting of the Association of Moving Image Archivists ( was in New Orleans November 29-December...

2018 Portland (AV Fair)

Saturday, December 1, 2018 | 10am-4pm | Hilton Portland Downtown Join us for a free Community AV Archiving Fair! Independent media makers, collecting institutions, and community groups in the Portland area are invited to bring your challenges, your...

Images of AV Fairs

AV Fair Stations

Below is a general list or stations during the AV Fairs:

Welcome and Station Matchmaking
Analog AV Inventory
Film Inspection
Prioritizing & Preparing Media for Digitization
Video Digitization
Film Digitization
Audio Digitization
Tools and Resources Q&A
Digital Preservation & File Storage Management
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
How to Start a Community Archive Workshop
Feature Collections
Deb Cotton Video Collection (New Orleans)
KBOO Archive (Portland)

Resources and Templates

Below are resources and handouts provided during the AV Fairs:

StationResources and Templates
Welcome and Station MatchmakingWelcome Packet, Portland 2018 (PDF) | Download Word Template (DOCX)
Analog AV Inventory TechniquesAV Inventory Template (XLSX) | Preview Template (PDF)
Video DigitizationAPEX Video Kit Documents on GitHub
Starter's Guide to Video Digitization
APEX Video Kit Elements
APEX Kit Wiring Diagram
Digital Preservation & File Storage ManagementDigital Preservation Resources Handout (PDF)
Preservation Storage Criteria, Version 2 (PDF)
Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG)
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
provided by Kara Van Malssen (
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Handout (PDF)
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Posters: Salvage Tips for All Media Types (PDF)
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Supply Kit (PDF)
Feature Collection: Deb Cotton Video Collection (New Orleans)2017 New Orleans: Deb Cotton Video Collection Manual (PDF)
Feature Collection: KBOO Archive (Portland)2018 Portland: KBOO Archive Inventory Condition Form (PDF) | Download Word Template (DOCX)
Registration FormsNew Orleans Community Members Registration Form (PDF)
2017 AMIA Conference Attendees Registration Form (PDF)
2018 Portland Community Members Registration Form (PDF)
2018 AMIA Conference Attendees Registration Form (PDF)