Webinar 6: Mukurtu & Tribesourcing Southwest Films

Presenters: Melissa Dollman, Jennifer Jenkins, and Rhiannon Sorrell
Jennifer Jenkins, Melissa Dollman (Yankton Sioux descent), and Rhiannon Sorrell (Diné) will present on the content management system Mukurtu. Mukurtu, the free, mobile, and open source platform, was built with Indigenous communities (the Warumungu people of Australia’s Northern Territory) to manage and share digital cultural heritage. The presenters will give a general overview of the platform and its affordances. They will then demonstrate how they integrated audiovisual materials into Mukurtu for the Tribesourcing Southwest Film Project, and will discuss what they have learned in the process of digitally repatriating these midcentury films. They show examples of “before” and “after,” and discuss the collaborative process with tribal partners.




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