The Community AV Archiving Fair (AV Fair) is an extension to the traditional Community Archiving Workshop, more suitable for a wider and larger public audience. It provides a space for local independent media makers, collecting institutions, and community groups to bring their challenges, media objects, and data for a day of collaborative problem solving and skill-sharing with members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and/or local audiovisual archivist in the community. The AV Fair is organized around a number of stations, each staffed by audiovisual archivists. They focus on a particular workflow, technique, or tool. For previous AV Fairs stations have included Feature Collection, Film Inspection, Analog Inventory Techniques, Digitization, Prioritizing & Preparing Media for Digitization, Video Digitization, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, and Digital Preservation (see list of stations below). The Feature Collection station focuses on a specific media collection from the community.