Educational presentations provided basic concepts on AV preservation, handling, and inspections that apply directly with the

After introductions CAW representatives provide an educational component to familiarize attendees with the different types of audiovisual materials and issues related to processing these materials. The presentations cover film, video and other magnetic media, born-digital materials, and other topics relevant to the collections that will be processed at the workshop.

Below are brief descriptions of sample presentations that have been used in previous workshops:

  • Film and Video Basics (Attachment 1, p.7): originally developed by Jeff Martin, a core CAW member, this presentation covers the history and handling considerations of both film and magnetic media (video and audio tape). Variations of this presentation have been used in several CAWs since 2012.
  • Handling Digital Objects (Attachment 2, p.62): originally developed by Pamela Vadakan, core CAW member, for the Pittsburgh CAW in 2016, this presentation covers the history, handling considerations, and preservation issues of born-digital media.

List templates for presentations.