Determine Collection Goals and Workshop Objectives

Each workshop has two parallel and equally important goals: 

  1. Collection goals: To help an organization gain physical and intellectual control over an audiovisual collection.
  2. Workshop Objectives: For workshop participants to gain valuable training and experience learning to care for, and plan for the preservation of, audiovisual collections.

These should be determined in collaboration with your workshop partners and be documented in signed agreements.

Collection Goals

Work with your partner organization(s) to determine specific goals for their collection. Examples for collection goals can include:

  • inventory unprocessed materials, identifying formats, content, and condition
  • rehouse and label materials
  • identify high priority items for reformatting
  • provide next steps for cataloging into collection database
  • implement file naming conventions 
  • rip DVDs
  • convert digital files to access formats

Workshop Objectives

Establish educational objectives for your workshop in partnership with your partner organizations. Keep in mind who workshop participants will be: are they specialists or non-specialists? Do they come with any audiovisual or archival training? Do they have a specific project they will be taking on after the workshop? Examples of workshop objectives can include:

  • broad overview of a/v formats and history
  • identifying formats
  • inventory strategies
  • film inspection and repair
  • prioritization and preparation for digitization
  • basic digitization workflow
  • digital asset management
Note that reads, "Film - 16mm to be re-housed." CAW Richmond, 2013
Note that reads, “Film – 16mm to be re-housed.” CAW Richmond, 2013