Promotion and Registration

Promotion and Registration

Table of Contents for Before the Workshop

Once a partner organization, collection, event location, and event date is secured it’s time to further engage the surrounding community. Benefiting the primary partner is important, but the workshop model is also intended to be open to other collection stewards to engage in introductory training in media identification and inventorying, as well as general networking and social connection.

Language for the event description, event registration form, social media posts, email blasts, flyers, postcards, any and all promotional material should be agreed upon and finalized with the partner.

Essential information to include:

Other tasks include:

  • Create a spreadsheet or other document to track all outreach.
  • Assign outreach and promotional distribution duties to planning committee members.
  • Agree to a timeline for both promotion and outreach. The partner organization is best equipped to reach out to its existing volunteer base and/or wider community. As a member of the planning committee you should also engage any relevant networks for promotion.

Resources for this Section: Promotion and Registration