2016 New York

November 2016, Black Public Media aka National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), New York City, NY.

As part of a New York University Cinema Studies course “Community Archiving: Media Collections” class taught by Associate Arts Professor Mona Jimenez, students organized a CAW with the National Black Programming Consortium. The CAW was held at the ImageNation Raw Space, a cultural center in Harlem. NBPC Founding Director Mable Haddock had attended the 2015 CAW at the Downtown Community Television Center, and reached out to NYU to hold one with NBPC.

The students were joined by other students from local universities, archivists, librarians, and preservation specialists, and staff and allies of NBPC. Jimenez was part of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program (MIAP) at New York University, and students were from MIAP, Cinema Studies, Latin America and Caribbean Studies, and the Anthropology Department. The CAW was able to inspect, inventory and re-boxed 234 videotapes that represented the history ot NBPC and the independent productions it supported through grants and filmmaker programs. 

Here is a video of the event, created by Angelo Baca, Shirley Ogolla, and Xiaoxuan Lyu:

These photos were taken by Xiaoxuan Lyu: [to come]

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