Past Workshops

Below is a list of past Community Archiving Workshops. Each workshop contributed their documentation, resources, and other materials to help organize future workshops.

2011 Austin

November 15, 2011, Austin History Center, Austin, TX As part of the AMIA conference in 2011, Community Archiving Workshop took place at the Austin History Center in Austin, TX. The workshop handled the Center's 16mm film collection. Images

2012 Seattle

December 4, 2012, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Seattle, WA Images

2013 Richmond

November 5, 2013, Valentine Richmond History Center and Virginia Commonwealth University Library, Richmond, VA Images

2014 Savannah

October 8, 2014, All Walks of Life (AWOL) and Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, GA Images

2015 Nashville

As part of the National Council for Public History Annual Meeting...

2015 New York

November 4, 2015, DCTV (Downtown Community Television Center), New York City, NY The Community Archiving: Media Collections class, supervised by Associate Arts Professor Mona Jimenez in collaboration with DCTV – the Downtown Community Television C...

2016 Pittsburgh

Documentation Instructions for DVD Processing
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