Strategic Planning Initiative

Three members of the strategic planning group work on objectives during the retreat in June 2023.
Three members of the strategic planning group work on objectives during the retreat in June 2023.

In August 2022 CAW received funding from the Mellon Foundation to embark on a strategic planning initiative.The project was planned, implemented, and managed by CAW Core Members Afsheen Nomai, Kelli Hix, Marie Lascu, Moriah Ulinskas, and Sandra Yates under the guidance of external consultant Alissa Schwartz of Solid Fire Consulting. In the Spring of 2023 CAW members CK Ming and Pamela Vadakan joined the core organizing group.

Over the last year, members of CAW have worked closely with our community, the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), professional consultants, and a constellation of mission-aligned organizations and partners to develop a strategic plan and handbook that will guide CAW’s future and align its organizational structure with its mission.

The aim was to assess the CAW group’s current operating model, consider new models of formation, and develop clear organizational parameters and measurable benchmarks so that CAW can better serve our community partners and professional peers.  The goals of the project include:

  • Scale the CAW model to be replicable by a wide variety of practitioners and organizations.
  • Build sustainability around activities which bring training and resources to communities with collections in need. 
  • Understand CAW’s relationship with AMIA and its membership, and create more opportunities to engage with emerging professionals. 
  • Define the roles of existing collective members, consider developing into its own more defined entity, and direct its growth in a clear and intentional way.

The primary outcome of these activities is a strategic plan to steer CAW’s growth and activities over the next three to five years.

Reports and Presentations

Folder for all Strategic Panning Initiative documents

Presentation at AMIA Conference, November 2023

Final Report and Documentation submitted to the Mellon Foundation, October 2023

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