Collaborating with Partner Organizations

Organizing a workshop requires thoughtful communication with your partner organizations. Take into consideration their level of comfort with communication tools and use the tools that work best for them. Online tools such as Slack and Google can be helpful for your purposes, but not everyone is comfortable with them. A few recommendations: 

  • Be open to meeting in person, when possible, or scheduling phone calls. 
  • Take detailed meeting notes and share them back with your partners.
  • Provide a clear roadmap of what needs to be determined in each meeting.
  • Highlight “follow-through” tasks that result from meetings. Be clear who is required to complete these tasks and by when.
  • Encourage partners to ask for help or clarification on the process. 

Remember, planning the workshop is part of their learning process and your role is to mentor them through these steps. Make your partner’s grasp of the content and comfort with the process a priority.

Community Archiving AV Fair, New Orleans, 2017.
Community Archiving AV Fair, New Orleans, 2017.