Timeline for Planning

The timetable will vary depending on the partners. If you are working with a professional association to plan the workshop to correspond with their annual conference and want to have some support from the organization, you will need to start very early. Otherwise the timetable can be as short as a few weeks. Once you have your partner organization confirmed you can begin to plan the details of your workshop.

Below is a general timeline for planning a workshop with itemized tasks by month or week depending on how early you start planning. Download the CAW Workshop Checklist.

Six months before Workshop

  • Establish planning committee
  • Conduct outreach to community organizations
  • Confirm partner organization(s) and location

Five months before Workshop

  • Determine size and scope of collection for workshop
  • Invite other participants 
  • Arrange any necessary travel & accommodation

Four months before Workshop

  • Determine equipment needed 
  • Determine supplies needed 
  • Compose list of participants for invitation
  • Send invitation to participants
  • Catering research 
  • Arrange for film kit travel 

Three months before Workshop

  • Solicit equipment loans/ donations
  • Order necessary supplies 
  • Coordinate volunteers 

Two months before Workshop

  • Finalize inventory sheet with partner
  • Send AD strips to partner (if applicable)
  • Determine workflow for day
  • Draft layout of space and needs in the room
  • Determine how many computers are needed, where they are coming from, etc.
  • Submit room furniture and layout to custodial, if applicable

One month before Workshop

  • Edit presentations as needed and decide who will lead each one
  • Confirm equipment and supplies

Two weeks before Workshop

  • Finalize catering orders 
  • Send out volunteer packets to all participants
  • Purchase parking passes (if needed)
  • Put AD strips in film cans (if applicable)

One week before Workshop

  • Receive supplies and equipment

Day before Workshop

  • Set up room, test technology
  • Arrange, move, and otherwise organize collection
  • Create unique IDs for items (if needed)
  • Put spreadsheet online or on thumb drives
  • Other last minute details…