After the Workshop

Analyzing Evaluations

Enter into Google Form and share with Planning Committee, Note improvements to make, Note what went well and what didn’t, where were the main issues

Share Documentation

Determining and managing partner goals for documentation Procedures for sharing various forms of documentation What did you use Forms Worksheets Templates Procedure guides and instructions Subject lists and other reference materials What did you do Reports Summary...

Deliver and Follow-up with Partner Organizations

Collection Inventories, Processed Digital Files, Other Products as defined in the Project Agreement and established Collection Goals for the workshop Provide guidance for follow-up with partner organization. Timeline, sample letter. Working with...

Connect Partner Organizations with Digitization Vendors

[is this a page or part of follow-up? Might have a sample letter or other resources] Provide guidance for connecting partner organizations to digitization vendors. Sample letter to vendor.

Build Regional Network

How to build from a regional network of AV preservationists

Post Workshop Evaluations & Delivery

This is where we document the ways in which we evaluate the success of the workshop, the skills gained, and deliver the data collected back to the partner.