Category Pre-CAW

Resources to help with organizing tasks for before a workshop.

screenshot of the CAW inventory template. It includes descriptions for data fields.

Inventory & Inspection Templates

Creating a basic inventory of your audiovisual (AV) collections is the foundation to audiovisual preservation and the primary goal for every workshop. The inventory templates walk you through inspecting many types of AV formats and facilitates collecting consistent data throughout…

Welcome Packets

Below are links to the template and resources to help create informative Welcome Packets (or Volunteer Packets). As mentioned in the Handbook, Welcome Packets should be sent in advance of the workshop and provide logistical details, schedule for the day,…

Sample CAW Survey Responses v. 2022

CAW_TOT_CUR_Survey_Responses_v2022A sample spreadsheet that is populated from entries into the Sample CAW Partner-Collection Survey Form v. 2022. These templates allow a planning team to collect information on potential partners for a CAW. Adapted from surveys used by CAW Committee.