Sample Partner Organization Inquiry Letter

Dear XX:

Great meeting you at the [XXX] conference. As I mentioned, I am a member of the AMIA Independent Media Committee, and we are looking for an organization with a significant video/film collection for our Community Archiving Workshop. The workshop will take place during the AMIA conference in [XXX] this [XXX]. The proposal is under review at the moment, but we have conducted this workshop in previous years in [CITIES].

I’ve attached the workshop proposal, but basically, the workshop is designed to work with a community organization to help advance intellectual and physical control of a film or video collection. In the past, each organization had different needs, and we can cater the workshop to the priorities of [XXX].

The workshop combines committee and organization volunteers to enter data into a spreadsheet template based on your pre-existing data and standard MARC and Dublin Core standards. With 15-20 volunteers, we can conceivably inventory/catalog 200-300 items. The data is intended to be integrated into your database.

If the [XXX] is interested in the workshop, please let me know, and I’ll tell the committee. The first steps would be to identify particular collections that could benefit from the workshop as well as the priorities and desired outcomes that the you would like to see from the workshop.

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope that we can work together on this project.